56. Tom Short

In this episode, I’m having a relaxed chat with award-winning comedian Tom Short, in Manchester, shortly before he went to the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2016. The previous year, Tom was part of the team that put on the Funz and Gamez stage show in Edinburgh, which went on to win the Edinburgh Comedy Award – probably the most prestigious comedy award in the world – and we discuss that experience in this interview, as well as the times at the Fringe when he’s been at his lowest ebb. During our chat, Tom tells me about the comedy inspirations that propelled him towards the stage. He also talks about his first ever gig, which was a real baptism of dire! And how he ended up clashing with the tutors while doing a Comedy Degree at University. Finally, Tom’s day job involves working behind the scenes at a major comedy club, and he tells me about the advantages that offers him as a performer. You can find out more about Tom Short through his website, and by following him on Twitter.

(The Comedy Cannon podcast with your host Jay Islaam.)