064. Martin Mullaney (part 2)

Jay Islaam continues his conversation with Birmingham-based comedy promoter Martin Mullaney, who runs the Cheeky Monkey comedy club in Moseley. It’s the longest running independent comedy club in the city, and has played host to some of the biggest names in British comedy in the last eighteen years. 

In this episode, Martin tells me about the biggest names he’s had on stage at Cheeky Monkey, the best comedians he’s ever seen, and the complains he has about the professionalism of many acts. He also talks about his other careers outside of the comedy world, and has plenty of advice for new acts and for anyone thinking of setting up their own comedy club.

This is part two of the interview. You can listen to part one here.

You can find out more about Martin Mullaney by following him on Twitter. You can also visit his Comedy CV website.

(The Comedy Cannon podcast with your host Jay Islaam.)


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