50. Rudi Lickwood (part 1)

In this episode, I’m talking to veteran British comic Rudi Lickwood, just before he was about to perform at the Jongleurs comedy club in Birmingham. Rudi has been a part of the British comedy scene since the early 1990s, but he actually started out as an Eddie Murphy impersonator. This is part one of a two-part interview. In this episode Rudi talks about the early days of his stand-up career which was almost totally derailed thanks to some bad advice from a risk-averse TV producer who convinced him to change his act. He also has a lot to say about the way TV producers, comedians and comedy reviewers treat black comics compared to their white peers. You can find out more about Rudi Lickwood through his website, or by following him on Facebook and Twitter.

(The Comedy Cannon podcast with your host Jay Islaam.)