006. Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Recorded at Edinburgh Fringe 2014, in this episode I speak to three acts who are performing at the Fringe this year. Sahar Mirhadi speaks to us about her double-hander with Daniel O’Gorman called “My Mother Made Me Do It” taking place in an Indian restaurant! This is her third visit to the Fringe and she talks about the best and weirdest acts she’s seen this time around. Performance poet Heather Sullivan is on a flying visit to Edinburgh doing guests spots on different shows, and tells us about her experience at the festival this year. And Andrew Watts tells us about his show “Feminism For Chaps” and how being a new parent affects the way he copes with (and promotes!) himself at the festival.

(The Comedy Cannon podcast with your host Jay Islaam, originally produced by POD Comedy and released in August 2014.)